Barham FC is a Charter Standard grassroots football club based in Barham, Kent.

Our journey began late in 2017 when a few of the grown-ups in Barham decided to organise some regular football-related activities to bring the children of the village & the surrounding areas together.

We have created a safe and welcoming environment for everyone to learn how to play the beautiful game and provide football skills training and playing opportunities for all ages.

At Barham FC, the core message is that psychological and social skills are of equal importance to technical and physical attributes in the modern game; this begins with our younger players. 

Our youngsters are encouraged from the earliest age to develop individual skills on the ball and let their personality be expressed in their play style.

We aim to help our players develop their own distinctive flair, confidence, and hunger, qualities that will help them become good footballers. Discipline and self-belief are essential for a youngster’s progression within the game and their successful navigation through life’s challenges.

Barham FC’s methods are rigorous and demanding, yet fun and supportive. Gaining the trust and respect of these often spirited youngsters is central to keeping them on track.

At Barham FC, we expect our players to give us their best. Many rise to the challenge because they know that the robust Barham regime is underpinned by an understanding of the problems and pitfalls they face and a passionate commitment to overcoming them. We know that curious, creative kids need originality. Through our intuitive, holistic approach to coaching, we encourage players to take ownership of the game plan and empower them to make instant decisions for themselves.

An egalitarian culture is seen as being important in Barham FC. It responds to each idea from players, parents and adults alike. Of great importance (and something that sets us apart from other clubs) is the way players and coaches at all levels support one another. Everyone is fully invested in helping everyone else play their best football.

Our values are always open to discussion, and people can agree to disagree with them. We believe that it is okay to make mistakes because we’d have no originality without them. Above all, everyone involved with running Barham FC is dedicated to ensuring that our players can have fun.

If our footballers dare to dream, Barham FC will put its heart and soul into helping to make those dreams come true.